At The Studio

 More Photos of the Studio click on me taking a break Corliss Blakely at her studio

My studio is a very special private space

  • I've had a wonderful year working in my studio creating The Forgotten Seeds.
  • I've eaten a lot of  seeds and fruit !
  • Do you know there are more than 100 seeds in every blueberry and that cherimoya seeds are toxic.
  • I didn't know that! 
  • I hope with this new series you will take the time to look within at the world you live in.

 Corliss Blakely Studio

Working on the avocado 

 Corliss Blakely Studio

Glazing in extra color

 Corliss Blakely Studio

Highlighting  the mango  seed

 Corliss Blakely Studio

             All my paintings are glazed in thin layers, so I work on several paintings a day. When I started this series my first subjects were apples. I would come in to the studio in the morning with a basket of apples. After that I started with grapes and peppers.

             Then I realized that Vermont was not the place to buy tropical fruits.With that realization  I headed to Ometepe Island in Nicaragua . I've been traveling there for years teaching art to children and painting on the ipad.

Now I go there to study tropical fruits and photograph their seeds.



 Corliss Blakely Studio

Early Stages

Just blocking in color and starting basic composition

Corliss Blakely Studio

Cleaned The Studio

Very rare event

 Corliss Blakely Studio

Larger Sizes

Everytime I started a new painting the canvases got larger


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